1415 September 2017


All BESTSELLER brands will be gathered at our new office in Malaga, Spain. This will give you an apportunity to meet with your salesperson, who will present our latest collection for September, October and November.


JACK & JONES is quality fashion for young men. It was born in 1990 out of a love for denim and jeans are still the core business. JACK & JONES works to enrich the heritage of authentic jeanswear by respecting the history, while pushing the craft on through innovative treatments and designs. JACK & JONES work to cover the many facets of a man’s wardrobe. From his playful youth to his need for timeless silhouettes. Always keeping the quality fabrics and treatments in focus, remaining one of the most competitively priced brands.


CORE by JACK & JONES is streetwear rooted in the city with hints from the sports universe. On the edge and on point – it's an urban identity in contemporary and casual wear. Re-mixed with bold contrasts and graphic elements to create a solid core base with clean lines, monochrome colours and striking art directions. CORE by JACK & JONES is uniform for the street.


ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES has its roots in jeanswear but is reinterpreted with elements from street culture. It is an urban DNA of a youth culture that demands a creative and individual look, adding attitude with hand drawn graphics, a bright colour palette and garments that dare to combine old school versus new school.


We are a Scandinavian menswear brand for seekers of style. We produce modern tailoring and luxe casuals; effortless wardrobe staples accented by select trend pieces. Clean silhouettes, high-end details and quality fabrics. A timeless fusion of contemporary minimalism and classic elegance.


We’re JACK & JONES VINTAGE CLOTHING. We produce jeanswear that celebrates moments in time. Quality clothing inspired by iconic twentieth century menswear; with a focus on details and authenticity.


JACK & JONES TECH exists where performance sportswear meets casual fashion. Out of that fusion comes multi-functional sportswear developed for the active man. It’s agile – always ready. Advanced fabrics and engineered features mean TECH works hard in all situations. From training wear, relaxed beachwear to contemporary streetwear, TECH refuses to be outpaced. JACK & JONES TECH. MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPORTS FASHION


JACK & JONES JEANS INTELLIGENCE was built on a vision to rethink jeanswear and make it more accessible and affordable. We believe in rethinking denim. Our products are designed with respect for denim traditions and made with industry leaders and state-of-the-art technology. We continuously explore the latest trends and developments in treatment technologies and fabric innovation. We make fashionable and affordable high-quality jeanswear.


JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR is a lifestyle brand creating fun and individual shoes for fashion conscious men. It’s the right pair for every moment, from sneakers to brogues to canvas lace-ups. It walks the line between pop culture and old school craftsmanship, giving you on-trend footwear with sure-footed confidence. Its denim roots are seen in selvedge edges and subtle detailing. And its unique style gives you the freedom to go your own way. JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR. Step up. Be you.


The core of PRODUKT is wrapped up in high quality materials, always keeping the affordability of the clothes in focus. PRODUKT is not your ordinary brand. We take basic styles very seriously. Our Super Basics are upgraded with surprisingly fine details and a guarantee for the highest quality materials – at a just as surprisingly low cost. In other words; if you were to start all over on your wardrobe PRODUKT is your new best friend. PRODUKT. It’s just good clothes at the right price. Always.


We create fun, affordable fashion for children, always with an eye on the ticks from the grown-up world of fashion. We are up-to-date with current fashion trends, which we translate into NAME IT through innovative design and product development, always keeping comfort, safety and quality in mind. NAME IT is the go-to fashion brand for curious and active kids. Guided by the desire to merge fashion trends with the inspiration offered by children aged 0 to 12, NAME IT is the brand for fun-loving children who want to let fashion be part of their play.


The trend-forward fashion brand for the next generation of trendsetters. The tweens and teens around 10-16 years, who are connected, informed and personal in their style and taste. The fashion brand of the people of tomorrow in their quest for independence.


ONLY is an international high fashion brand with a growing global presence and a sound, responsive business operation. The ONLY girl always looks amazing in an effortless way! Fashion is her passion – a creative space where she can experiment with different attitudes, feels and looks. With denim as her core, she’s the cool casual rock chick in ripped jeans and studs, the seductive diva in body curve fits, vintage washed denim and feminine details and the fashionista. She’s not defined by a certain style but by her love for denim.


With a combination of training and leisure, ONLY PLAY completes an enjoyable workout. In each collection, supreme functionality, great quality and feminine details are combined in a powerful mix of the latest fashion and sportswear trends. Fun, movement and engagement are essential key words for the ONLY PLAY identity, and our creative, playful mindset leaves you with endless combinations for styling your training at a fair price.


ONLY & SONS is a men’s fashion brand with denim at its core. Our collections capture a timeless fashion, inspired by creative environments, urban subcultures and modern metropolises. From the indigo blue jeans, we create a style that’s cool with a casual edge. ONLY & SONS is about individuality, attitude and looking good - without trying too hard.


ONLY SHOES offers a selection of fashionable shoes that complement the ever-changing ONLY wardrobe and fits any occasion and every woman. Our collections are inspired by the three design directions at ONLY; a rock direction with studs and leather, a more feminine, simple touch and last but not least the fashion forward design direction that reinterprets the newest runway trends. By being fashion forward, fun and affordable, ONLY SHOES aims at making every girl look and feel on top.


JACQUELINE de YONG is an international fashion brand for women. We provide a new take on the fashion industry by covering a fashion gap with high quality fashion essentials at a value-for-money concept. The JACQUELINE de YONG girl is dedicated to fashion and expresses her coolness by styling her outfit with a mixture of raw and soft styles with denim as her favourite item.


At PIECES, we are dedicated to helping independent young women create and complete their look with perfect essential basics, and we work hard every day to adapt to and create new fashion trends, making hero products as we move forward. Products that every girl must have in her wardrobe. At PIECES, we value our modern simplicity and celebrate our Scandinavian legacy with collections that are contemporary, simple and easy to wear. In a world where choices are ample, we wish to inspire our customers and make shopping instant, easy and fun.


SELECTED FEMME is all about pared down elegance rooted in Scandinavian aesthetics. All our collections are inspired by iconic women of the past mixed with the essence of our present. We always blend classics with high fashion trends to create the sophisticated items that characterise our brand. The silhouettes are cool but feminine. They are simple yet bold. We do timeless looks full of surprising details. We make fashion you want to keep!


SELECTED HOMME epitomises good taste in every shape and form within modern menswear. We stand for a unique interpretation of the contemporary man, who is both individualistic and confident in his style. He mixes and matches his existing wardrobe with the season’s newcomers in order to create a distinctive, exciting look. Attention to detail and high quality are key elements for the SELECTED HOMME man.


The design philosophy of VILA is based on a feminine approach to fashion, uniting femininity with fashion and trend insights and adding a bit of sensuality. Every single style that leaves our hands is made with a passion to create something to be proud of, and to enable someone to be proud to wear it. We strive for high quality in everything we do, through working with the best possible materials, and carefully selecting every single bit and piece of each design. FEMININE. SENSUAL. SIMPLE.


The OBJECT girl has an authentic approach to fashion and life in general, she puts together looks that not only reflect her confidence, but allow for a creative and curious approach to style. It’s this attitude that always leaves her feeling nothing less than herself. For us great design isn’t just relevant – it´s storytelling. With a high focus on quality, we design collections that inspire women through a rockish bohemian approach and leaves women with an understated ability to rock every outfit and own it without compromise. ROCK IT. OWN IT


Since 1987, VERO MODA has been present in the mind of young women looking for new trends, accessible styles and fashionable must-have items. Fast fashion is our metier, a vibrant and accessible approach to fashion is our trademark, and being together in style is our brand essence. At VERO MODA we offer high quality and inspiring clothing, developed from comprehensive trend research from the world’s leading trend forecasting agencies, trade fairs, global catwalk, and customer demand. Fashion is something we do together, and in a world of me, VERO MODA celebrates the us.


NOISY MAY always craves the latest fashion items and wants to be the number one denim brand. We are a team of passionate individuals bound together by our love for fashion and true denim. Our jeans are authentic, made by skilled professionals who know how to make denim work for you and your lifestyle. We take inspiration from the street to design innovative fast fashion collections for denim loving girls everywhere, and NOISY MAY provides cutting-edge collections for the fashion conscious girl, including heart-achingly on-trend separates.


JUNAROSE is synonymous with fashion and fit. Dedicated to design for sizes 42 to 54, JUNAROSE is a fast fashion brand offering trend and perfect fitting for the young, trend-conscious woman. Each item in the collection is carefully tailored with flattering cuts and details ensuring that each style embraces the female silhouette. Upgraded fabrics are used for both trend – and timeless pieces, never compromising on quality and comfort.


At MAMALICIOUS, we dress mothers-to-be and new mums. Whatever the occasion and always with style. We encourage women to stay chic regardless of their changing shapes. By offering a collection of fashionable and comfortable styles, we embrace the expecting and nursing mothers who need to move effortlessly in any situation. We design to celebrate motherhood, trends and comfort for the biggest moments in life. MAMALICIOUS – shape with style.


Y.A.S – Your Apparel & Style – offers everything from everyday-wear, lingerie, weekend-wear, unique occasion-wear and athleisure - simply; bold styling pieces, the essential wardrobe classics and what you wear from studio to street. All items are developed from a passion for great tailoring, lavish fabrics, unique lines and shapes – always centered on shaping elegant silhouettes. The design approach is contemporary and our collections are feminine with a touch of edge and understated coolness.

We are happy to invite you to BESTSELLER FASHION DAYS 2017 at our beautiful new office in Malaga, Spain. We are looking forward to this great opportunity to create an even closer relationship with you.


All BESTSELLER brands will be gathered at our new BESTSELLER office in Malaga, Spain.

This will give you an opportunity to see our beautiful new BESTSELLER office in Malaga and to meet your salesperson who will present our latest collections for September, October and November. You can also present and discuss your needs and plans for future developments with us.

We are looking forward to having this great opportunity to create an even closer relationship between our companies.

Every customer receives an invitation for two days of fashion in Malaga, Spain. Both days are a full-day events, and we are ready to welcome you early as well as late. As a gesture, BESTSELLER will offer to cover hotel expenses. You have to book and pay for flight yourselves.


BESTSELLER Wholesale Spain,
Calle Argelia, 2, 29140 Churriana (Málaga)


Friday evening, we hope you will join us for a great party in Marbella. We will provide shuttle service both from your hotel and from the BESTSELLER office.


BESTSELLER offers you transportation to and from the airport in Malaga to the BESTSELLER FASHION DAYS at the Malaga office. We also offer you transportation to your hotel. Please indicate in the booking form if you would like us to arrange this for you.
BESTSELLER office to Malaga hotels: 16 km – 25 minutes by car
BESTSELLER office to Marbella hotels / party: 52 km - 35 minutes by car


You have to arrange your flight or train transportation yourself. Please be aware that it is at your own expense. We offer you pick up service from the airport to the Malaga office or to the hotel. Please indicate in the booking form if you would like us to arrange this for you.


If you arrive by car or want to arrange your own transportation, please click on below links for directions (Google map):


Hotel confirmation will be sent to you shortly before the event. As soon as you arrive, you will receive information about the shuttle service between BESTSELLER FASHION DAYS and your hotel.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local salesperson. If you have changes to your booking, please contact

We are looking very much forward to welcoming you at BESTSELLER FASHION DAYS!